Today’s digital marketers must learn not only the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), but also how to effectively integrate these two techniques into their online advertising campaigns. The digital revolution has left behind the days when webmasters and marketers used to think in terms of just one, and usually limited, approach. With the advent of internet marketing tools such as Internet Advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SEM), it has become easier to reach out to a wider market and increase awareness of your business. This is especially so with the rise in demand for Internet marketing tools and services.

Digital marketing

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), the world’s leading center of internet marketing education and training, and the International Association of Advertising Agencies (IAAA) has established a partnership that improves online marketing education and training as well as Internet marketing and advertising services. The partnership further encourages and empowers internet marketers to take their skills to the next level through the use of cutting-edge tools, such as the Blockchain News website, and a host of other innovative programs.

DMI defines the term “Blockchain News” as an online digital news site, which “delivers news updates, reviews, interviews, articles, reports, industry news, and events at the intersection of the Internet and digital media.” The website is currently ranked number ten for its “top 10 most searched for terms,” with over 6 million visitors per month.

The “IAB” (International Association of Advertising Agencies) on the other hand, is a professional organization of global advertising agencies. It works to promote international trade by organizing trade shows, training seminars, and conferences. Its members include top agencies, advertising agencies, and boutique firms throughout the world. The IAB is responsible for the implementation of standards such as The Best Practice Guidelines for Internet Marketing, and the U.S. Code of Ethics for Advertising.

This partnership between DMI and IAB provides both organizations a means to better serve the online marketing community. The partnership allows these two organizations to share and exchange educational content, training, and experiences and work together to ensure that each is maximizing their potential for success in the digital marketing arena.

In addition to the partnership, both IAB and DMI will also work together to help its members implement their industry-specific tools such as the Blockchain News, to promote and grow their membership. and education efforts across the globe. The goal is to bring together members across the world in a collaborative effort to help improve digital marketing education, improve Internet marketing practices, and expand the knowledge base of digital marketing professionals.