A smart digital marketing plan is simply a plan of action to achieve your desired marketing goals in the field of online real estate marketing. Your plan defines how you will achieve your desired goals, including increasing your lead conversion rates by five percent or increasing your sales leads by twenty percent. An effective digital marketing plan would include a list of goals and measures that are required to reach those goals, with measurable goals that can be tracked.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing can be divided into two basic categories: Search engine marketing and web marketing. Web marketing includes traditional forms of Internet marketing such as SEO, affiliate programs and social media, while search engine marketing is more focused on using the search engines to attract traffic. Digital marketing helps in building your business in the offline as well as online real estate marketing realm. You may also use it to promote and sell the properties you are promoting.

Online real estate marketing can be defined as using search engines like Google and Yahoo, online social networking websites like Facebook, and websites related to real estate such as real estate web sites. These online websites are known as search engine marketing sites. In this type of marketing, the main focus is on getting listed on the top search results of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, while generating traffic to your website.

Search engine marketing can be categorized into four main strategies which include pay per click marketing, organic search marketing, viral marketing and paid search marketing. Pay per click marketing, also known as PPC marketing, refers to placing an advertisement on a popular search engine and collecting the click through rates. Organic search marketing is the most popular and reliable form of online marketing, which relies on the popularity of a particular keyword. Viral marketing refers to sharing your message through different social media and online discussion platforms, whereas paid search marketing is an aggressive and direct form of online marketing. However, with any form of online advertising, there are certain risks. The major ones being fraud, poor quality service, spamming and high costs.

Your search engine optimization campaign must include three components – keywords research, article writing and link building. Keywords research refers to using your research to determine your targeted keywords, their popularity and competition, and the right keywords to use in your SEO campaign. Article writing refers to writing articles about your chosen keywords, submitting them to article directories, and submitting them to blogs and social networking sites, and sending emails to your prospects. Link building refers to creating backlinks pointing to your site from other related websites, blogs, networks and webmasters, using keywords in your URL address, and your email signature line, and so forth.

SEO is a highly competitive field in today’s world and it is important for your online real estate marketing to be top notch. It is also important for you to make sure that your SEO is done in a timely fashion. There are many methods used to do this, such as link exchanges, article submissions, blog submission, article marketing, forum posting, press releases, link exchanging etc. In general, you should be able to understand and analyze your competition, and learn what works best for your specific market.