Digital marketing is a relatively new and relatively untested form of advertising that is based on the internet and other internet based digital platforms such as mobile phones, laptops and other portable digital devices. These devices include e-readers, tablet PCs and laptops. Digital marketing can be seen as a method to create awareness about the product and service being offered online through a combination of television, radio, print, and online advertising. There are many uses for digital marketing, from traditional print media campaigns to the newer medium of the internet.

A traditional print media campaign may involve the use of radio or television advertisements or both. Television and radio advertising are more widely used because they are more reliable, but radio advertising can also be used for digital marketing campaigns. The internet has become increasingly popular for marketing, especially with companies looking to use the internet to promote their business or services.

Digital marketing can be used to reach a wide audience by using several different mediums. In an example of a digital marketing campaign using television advertising, a company would produce and air commercials that are similar to traditional television commercial formats that use commercials with background music and special effects.

However, a digital marketing campaign would also use print ads and websites to create awareness about the company or the product being promoted. Internet marketing can also include the use of social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook. Social media sites are increasingly popular and effective for reaching potential customers and increasing brand awareness. Using social media websites can provide customers with information about a product or service as well as a way to interact with the company.

Print ads, television advertisements and even television shows can be used in conjunction with social media websites. Print ads can be printed in magazines or newspapers and television commercials can be watched in television stations across the country or in various TV channels. Social media websites can also provide a great way to connect with customers and provide links to the company’s website.

Print media is generally cheaper than digital advertising because print ads do not require the production and distribution costs of digital media. Print ads and television commercials can also be distributed to a wider audience which will provide greater coverage. of a product or service than the smaller print media advertisements. This form of advertising can also reach out to a wider audience and provide a higher exposure rate.