Digital marketing is basically the component of online marketing that uses various internet and web based digital technology like mobile phones, handheld computers, portable digital media and other computer based technology and networks to promote various products and services. In essence, it is an integrated set of marketing techniques and strategies aimed at generating traffic and increasing customer base through the internet and through social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has two types one is the traditional and one is the internet-based marketing techniques. Traditional marketing involves more conventional ways of advertising like direct mail, television, radio, print ads, etc., whereas internet marketing involves various strategies like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social networking and article marketing. Some companies use a combination of these methods for promotion and branding purposes. The basic difference is that traditional marketing has the tendency of directly reaching the target customers whereas the internet-based marketing campaigns are more effective in reaching a large audience through various mediums.

Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of enhancing the search engine ranking of websites by making them visible on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. This is done by making websites easy to navigate and contain relevant content that will be interesting to a potential client. It also involves using the latest tools and techniques to advertise the site. The SEO techniques can be either paid or free. If a site is not well optimized, then there is a big chance that it may not attract any traffic at all. Also, a poorly optimized website does not have much impact on the search results.

Pay Per Click advertising is another form of traffic generation through the internet. This technique uses the Google AdWords advertisement system to sell sponsored advertisements on web pages. These advertisements are visible on various sites where they appear on the first page of search results. Generally, most advertisers will use this type of advertising as it is very effective and cheap.

Another technique called ‘Share a Post’ is one way through which blogs or websites can generate traffic and leads for their websites. This technique involves posting relevant blog posts on a specific blog site where people will be directed to the websites from which they can learn more about the products and service. This will definitely increase the number of visitors visiting the website and hence increase the traffic to the targeted website.

Article marketing is also a good way to generate traffic through internet. The purpose of this marketing technique is to publish articles on various article directories to generate backlinks which will lead to the website in question. Some article directories accept submissions.