Digital marketing is basically the part of online marketing that uses online and web-based digital tools and mediums to market services and products to a targeted audience. It is an extension of the offline marketing strategies which aim at gathering customer information, building a relationship with them and ultimately selling their services or products to them through e-mail or SMS. The term ‘digital marketing’ has become a buzz word that means ‘online marketing done directly to customers’ online’.

It is not that difficult for an online business to use this strategy in its marketing campaign. All you need to do is use online tools like blogs, websites, articles, email list and social networking sites to collect feedback, interact with your target market and build trust in you and your products. This will allow you to reach out to your customers will be more likely to buy from you if they feel that you are genuine. As a result, there is a greater chance of conversion.

While there are some differences between the traditional approach and the internet, both have its own advantages and drawbacks. Traditional marketing is still a good way of selling your product or services because you are able to meet your customers face-to-face. But this can be very time consuming and you may end up running out of time to meet your customers at certain events. This is because most people prefer to buy online.

Digital marketing on the other hand, takes just seconds to do and is easy on the pocket as it does not require your customers to come to your physical location to buy your product or service. You can reach them instantly via a chat box, chat room or video message. In addition, the advantage is that you do not need to wait in queues or set up a meeting to discuss with your customers or clients about your products or services or to answer any questions they may have.

Digital marketing allows you to give information to your potential customers about your products or services in the form of an e-course. E-courses can either be a printed book that you can give away free or a video or audio recording that you can give them. The important thing here is that you should be able to answer their questions in the best possible way so that they can understand your product or service better and decide whether they want to purchase it.

Internet marketing is also used extensively these days for the purpose of promoting a brand new business as well as an established one. But to get the maximum benefits from internet marketing, you need to have a website that has content related to the products or services you are selling and one that will attract a large audience. The other important aspect is to make sure that you have targeted traffic to your website so that people can find it easily.