Digital marketing

All About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is basically the part of marketing which uses digital media and digital internet and web based electronic devices such as smart phones, laptop computers and other electronic media and web-based platforms to market products and services effectively. With the help of digital marketing, companies are able to increase their brand awareness by reaching out to a large target audience, which in turn helps in generating more sales and thus helping the company to run smoothly.

Advertising and marketing in the traditional sense involve printing posters and other forms of print materials and distributing them to large audiences. The main objective of this marketing is to create an awareness about the product or services being sold in the market thereby resulting in increased sales and profits.

However, with the introduction of new media and digital networks like the internet, it is possible to reach out to a smaller audience, more targeted customers and a greater number of potential customers. This is because digital marketing involves the creation of digital messages, which can be read by a large number of people at a very short time span. This creates a wider base of customers for the business.

Online advertising, which is generally known as SEO, is one of the most effective and widely used forms of digital marketing. SEO helps in creating search engine optimized content for websites. This content is then submitted to different websites which have the potential to reach out to the targeted audience. In the case of traditional marketing, companies use print ads, radio ads, TV ads etc. on television, radio and print mediums.

Online marketing, also known as search engine optimization or SEM, is another form of digital marketing. With the help of SEO techniques, businesses are able to gain high rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo, which help in increasing their traffic on a daily basis. Search engine optimization is a form of marketing which uses various techniques like pay per click, sponsored links, article marketing and directory submissions to increase the ranking of a website. Search engine optimization results in traffic which is more targeted and more likely to convert into potential customers.

Social networking, email marketing and other forms of online marketing are some of the other popular forms of digital marketing. These forms of marketing are mainly used for promoting the products or services of a particular company. They are often conducted through online discussion boards, blogs and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some of the prominent internet marketing firms like Facebook and Google work on a pay per impression basis to get high rankings in major search engines. while others like Google have their own newsfeed feature.